Barbecue Birthday Parties

For many parents the feeling associated with the mere thought of running a birthday party falls somewhere between mildly apprehensive and sheer panic. Over-excited children, too much sugar, confined indoors and getting shriller by the minute is not everyone’s choice of a fun way to spend the afternoon. Parents are also often bored at parties and look forward to it ending so that their hyperactive children can be taken home.

All is not lost however as it is possible to inject new life into the birthday party scene by having a barbecue party. Imagine, fantastic additive-free food which suits parents and children alike, a marquee in place to safeguard against the threat of rain, fresh air, plenty of room to run around, music and a whole new set of party games that are geared towards outdoor parties. It sounds blissful!

A barbecue party is perfect for very small children who only want to run around and for whom a clown, laser party or soft play experience would be lost on and older children who are too cool for such childish things (this kicks in around the age of six or seven years). Really, why more people haven’t already embraced this idea is a mystery.

Expensive birthday parties, especially when you have more than one child therefore more than one birthday to pay out for can get prohibitive. A barbecue event may easily be put together on a budget and reduces the need for shuttling between venues setting thing up. All that you need is a decent sized garden, a gas or charcoal barbecue, a `marque or gazebo, chairs, decorations and lots of food and drink. You don’t need clowns, town halls, lots of volunteers to help in the pool for a swimming party or anything like it. A simple “dress in comfy clothes” rule needs to be handed out and the fun may begin.

Food-wise a barbecue may easily be adapted to suit any dietary needs and parents or carers will be able to let you know in advance of any allergies so that you can plan the food you want to buy and cook. Being a children’s party there is no need to buy expensive alcohol as those attending will likely be driving children home anyway. An added bonus of course is that unlike some soft play centres and similar birthday party venues you aren’t forced to have a minimum number of party-goers. This means that your son or daughter is free to choose just their  top five friends if that is all they want to, instead of half their class many of whom they never speak to.

A birthday barbecue party is a great fun budget birthday party for all ages which will be talked about for weeks to come and which embraces the good old fashioned British barbecuing traditions.

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