Edible Burger Art Taken to the Extreme

Can burgers be art? Fast food restaurants are regularly found to be making their burgers look like little clumps of heaven in their promotional advertising. It’s only until you get to a fast food restaurant that you realise that the burger could never look like it does in the flashy adverts, looking more like someone has accidentally trodden on it before slapping on something that you think is cheese but you’re not quite sure. So, now that we know that burgers never look that good in real life, can they still look good enough in a photo to be considered art? Two French artists who run Fat & Furious Burger are setting out to prove that, yes; burgers can look pretty beautiful if given the right care and attention.

That care and attention extends to putting the humble burger into scenes that incorporate pop culture references, take on the spirit of various holidays and just look pretty weird. From burgers shooting through space to burgers to creations that look like Halloween pumpkins; there’s plenty here to sate the arty appetite that has a preference for fast food inspired creations. Since we love anything to do with food – especially barbecue food – that’s just us in a nutshell. Pure edible burger art.

Throw in a background scene too and you’re good to go, but dare you try one of these edgy creations? According to the graphic designers making and photographing these creations, Thomas and Quentin, they’re all edible. The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Burger, for example, is made of lamb steak, lettuce, yellow tomato chutney, onion coke, barbecue sauce, pickle and potato vitelotte. That’s a lot to pack on to a burger.

You can see more of their creations over on their Tumblr site. The text is in French, but Google Translate will help you out if you want to know all the ingredients, why not try out some of the recipies on one of our great Landmann Barbecues?