Storing Your Landmann Barbecue over Winter

Personally I feel it is a shame to put away the barbecue once the cold winter weather kicks in. There is something fun and quirky about running outside in boots, coats, gloves and scarves to fire up the faithful grill and cook some meats and accompaniments to be enjoyed indoors. I believe I am in the minority however and for most, barbecuing is set aside for warmer weather only.

Obviously a barbecue cannot simply be abandoned to its fate once the autumn really sets in and this means that cleaning, maintenance and proper storage needs to be considered first.

Man BBQ Winter Snow

Post Summer Clean Up

There is nothing worse that excitedly ripping off the winter barbecue covers in the summertime, ready to cook up a feast during the first barbecue of the year, to find it caked in grease, mould and who knows what else. Giving the barbecue a thorough clean prior to storage is essential.

Ensure that all old food and grease is removed, using a wire brush and hot soapy water. Where there is a glass lid or similar use a suitable degreasing agent. Wiping up afterwards with old newspaper is cheaper and often more effective that using cleaning cloths.

Pay particular attention to the area around the fuel connectors and other nooks and crannies to ensure that your grill has been properly cleaned. You may wish, in the case of a gas barbecue, to fire it up for a few minutes after cleaning to burn off any cleaning residue (obviously you don’t use a flammable cleaner on a Landmann charcoal barbecue or Landmann gas barbecue grill).



Once thoroughly cleaned, check the barbecue for signs of wear and tear and make any necessary repairs as soon as you can. Again, uncovering the barbecue the following summer and finding it needs fixing in some way can be a let-down.

Switch off and remove the gas tank and store in an appropriate place. It is wise to store fuel away from the house so that in the unlikely event of it leaking or being subject to a spark during storage, the damage to the home / family is vastly reduced.


Storing Your Barbecue for Winter

Once your Landmann barbecue has been lovingly cleaned and restored it is time to put it away. If the barbecue is to be stored indoors in a garage or similar, it is fine to cover it with a sheet or piece of tarpaulin. For barbecues left out in the cold so to speak, invest in a cover that is suitable for the make and model of the barbecue. You need to ensure that the cover you use is big enough, waterproof and includes secure ties which will keep it in place in even the most blustery of winter weathers.

Your barbecue, which is a much loved accessory during the summer, needs to be looked after to ensure that it is fit and ready for use when the warmer weather comes around again so make sure you clean, maintain and properly store your barbecue at the end of the season.