Creating a Barbecue Playlist


It’s almost the end of June and despite the lousy weather the barbecue season is in full swing. As you will have read from previous posts on this blog, we try to cover every aspect of the barbecue world to make your summer parties go with a bang. If it’s something to celebrate or simple tricks to help with the cooking we have covered almost every subject possible, all except one – music.

You can have all of the meat and the trimmings that you need to create the perfect barbecue party but not too many people consider the smaller things and keeping your guests entertained and happy is not the easiest thing in the world. Yes you can have a truckload of beer and wine but there is more to life than getting legless…. isn’t there?

Everybody has their own tastes when it comes to music and choosing just one genre will undoubtedly leave your guests either reaching for the back gate to go home or reaching for the stronger stuff – messy times.

Now this is not a shameful plug and neither am I on an affiliate bonus but I use the internet streaming program Spotify on a regular basis and this will be your extreme survival tool for not only hosting the best barbecue party but also keeping family and friends entertained throughout the evening. For a small monthly fee you can have an endless amount of tracks with no adverts whatsoever and they literally cover every genre imaginable. There are other services available but if you have a good internet connection and no cap on your usage then this is the perfect option for anyone – young and old.

So here is our breakdown on how to create the perfect playlist for your guests.


  • Who is going to your party – do you have a mixture of old and young?
  • What cultures are your guests from?
  • Is the weather going to be nice?

Choosing the Music

  • Create a playlist of a minimum of 4-5 hours (dependent on how long the party is for).
  • Save the silly songs such Crazy Frog and DJ Otzi – Hey Baby for the end of the evening.
  • Sticking a CD album on will suffice if you have no internet but remember to keep it varied.

Classics such as The Beach Boys and Bob Marley will always go down well but the key to choosing a great playlist is variety. Your guests will want to listen to well-known tracks and you will need to cater for everyone involved. Chances are your 80 year old Auntie Alice is hardly going to get up and groove to Jessie J or One Direction (I could be wrong – photos will be accepted as proof) but a selection of well-known golden oldies will still be recognized by the younger people so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little.

Last but certainly not least, is making your own music. If you or any of your family have a skill playing a musical instrument then why not get it out and play. Drums are a definite barbecue favourite of mine.

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