Heinz and the Barbecue

Heinz is a popular brand name the world over but what has it got to do with the modern barbecue? For many no barbecue is complete without the traditional Heinz accompaniments. Fortunately there are plenty of sauces and sides to choose from so that barbecue guests can enjoy the award winning flavours alongside the good company and atmosphere that comes with attending a barbecue.


The History of Heinz

No unlike the barbecue itself, Heinz has a prestigious background and has been around for many years. Back in 1868, Henry J. Heinz and L Clarence Noble announced the launch of Heinz and Noble which was the grounding for what is today a globally known entity in itself. Heinz firmly believed in wasting nothing, working hard and treating people fairly. This work ethic is what helped grow the business that began in a two story farmhouse in Pittsburgh to previous unimagined heights.

It is perhaps this rugged and simplistic way of doing things that makes Heinz work with all types of barbecues so well. After all, what is more down to earth and natural than delicious home cooked barbecue food enjoyed with family and friends?


Heinz Products That Work Well With a Barbecue

There are few Heinz products that wouldn’t work brilliantly well on the barbecue table however these are the best known barbecue inspired products.


Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce

This delicious sauce works well in a variety of ways, particularly as either a table sauce or as a marinade. Many marinade chicken with the classic barbecue sauce before adding it to the hot barbecue and the result is a mouth-watering flavoursome smoky dish.


Heinz Sticky Barbecue Sauce

Much like the classic version, this sticky barbecue sauce is just delicious and a valuable member of the “must have” family of sauces for all British barbecues. The sticky barbecue sauce is however particularly suited for use in sticky barbecue rib recipes or similar as opposed to be used as a dip or table sauce.


Heinz Barbecue Beanz

Heinz boasts an impressive selection of flavoured beans which include BBQ and Smoky BBQ beans. This makes a great side dish, working well with any meat and is popular alongside vegetable accompaniments such as corn on the cob. As with traditional baked beans, the barbecue “Beanz” can be used in any number of vegetarian dishes such as bean burgers.


Table and Salad Sauces from Heinz

The Heinz range is vast and includes everything from salad creams, pickles and the ever popular tomato sauce. For use on meat, fish, salad, pasta or just as a dip, these Heinz products are second to none and are much at home when it comes to enjoying barbecue food.


Suitable For use All Year Round

Due to the very portable nature of the Heinz barbecue sauces and accompaniments, they can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of the year. Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy barbecued chicken or punchy barbecue beans which will hopefully keep the many barbecue lovers going until the next time the sun shines and they can get outside for a proper traditional Outback barbecue feast.