Ten Uses for Beer

Beer has been around for so long that research suggests that it origins can be traced back as far 9500 BC, meaning with this sort of time frame the abundance of uses that will have been thought up could be endless right? Correct. As with most things, the possibility of finding other uses is what makes the human race what it is. One use we’re particularly fond of here is to have copious amounts of it at a barbecue, although we do try to keep away from the grill after a few!

Here we explore the many uses that beer can have in our daily lives, but first off let’s learn what it is.

Ten Uses for Beer

What is Beer?

The primary ingredient of beer is water, and to brew beer a starch source, such as malted barley is needed, which is able to be converted to sugars and then fermented. A type of yeast called brewer’s yeast will aid in the fermentation process and then a flavouring is added such as hops. The starch source that is used is a key factor in deciding what flavour and strength the beer will be once it is ready for consumption. Other starch sources can also be added and even a mixture of starch can be used, such as maize or cassava. Despite the varieties of beer that are available worldwide, the principle is still the same, although each brewery has their own secret recipe.

If you’re interested in learning the history of beer then Wikipedia has a detailed article on how it’s brought joy to people for centuries.

Things you can do with beer

Some people reading this may think that it is a waste of a decent beverage to use for anything other than drinking, but hold fire for just a little while. If at the end of this you are still undecided you have my permission to go and get extremely drunk and then perhaps you may try some of these weird and wonderful methods.



Beer spas have been popping up everywhere in Europe over the past few years, and despite some thinking that you will end up a sticky mess afterwards, it is said that the baths have curative effects, on your immune system, body joints, hair and complexion. While I would recommend pouring in a crate of your favourite Budweiser into the bath at home just yet, check online and see where your nearest spa is and indulge in a fast growing trend.


Slug Remover

We wrote about this earlier on in the year and had it tested at home by one of our team (see video here). We advise not to use expensive beer as they truly love the cheap stuff, but if you are being plagued by those slimy slugs then leave a bowl or saucer of beer outside and in the morning you will find a whole load of slugs in there. Repeat the process, and you will eventually find that you have a slug free garden.


Marinate Meat

It is said that beer will greatly improve the flavour of the meat if you marinate it and acts as a tenderiser for those tougher pieces. Grab some of those large freezer bags that you can reseal and after pricking a few holes in the meat, add the beer and place in the fridge overnight. You will find the meat will be very soft when you come to eat it.


Remove Brown Patches on your Lawn

This can occur often if you have a dog regularly doing its business on the lawn, but it is said that pouring beer on the brown patches will restore your lawn to its former glory thanks to the sugars present in the liquid.


Catching Mice

Similar to slugs, mice LOVE beer so it’s is only natural to use as a way of removing them. Some may think it is an inhumane way of getting rid of them but once you remove them humanely they do tend to wander right back. Yes they really are cute and I have a love for all animals but when they eat everything in sight, it’s time to say goodbye. Use the same process as you would do with the slugs by leaving a bowl or two in irresistible places and make sure they can easily access the beer by using a little ramp. The mice will climb in, drink what they want and then if they have consumed enough they will struggle to get out.


Putting Out Fires

Before we share our research with you on this, we do not recommend this as a replacement for a fire extinguisher, neither do we advise the reader on attempting it at home. It may however be effective if a pub ever sets alight while you are drinking there or you have a small flare up at home. Just remember though this is about beer and not spirits. As the main ingredient in beer is water, simply shake and pour over the offending flames.


Cooking Rice

How many people actually cook rice with water? Pretty much everybody does it, but why not get adventurous and try cooking it with beer? You may need to practice a little on different flavours of ale but generally speaking, a nice brown ale should do the trick. The flavour is amazing once cooked and you always get to drink any unfinished beer in the bottle.


Catch flies

Those of you that are reading this article may, by now, be thinking that all creatures are complete and utter drunkards, and you may be correct on that one. It would appear that a decent way to say goodbye to flies is, believe it or not, beer! It can be a little tricky to set the trap but once you have you will not be plagued by the pests anymore; until next time anyway! All you need to do is drink a three quarters of a bottle and leave it out. You will soon notice flies dropping in there. Once you have a few, simply throw it away.


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