What if we followed in America’s Footsteps?

Today’s post is a speculative post of sorts. Across America barbecue “joints” are springing up all over and taking their place in the food outlet market. What if the UK were to take their US cousins’ lead and replicate the same success over here? After all, how many Britons don’t love a barbecue?

The barbecue is a much loved summer institution, however by opening a food hall offering barbecued goods the much treasured grill needn’t be packed away once the leaves start to fall. Imagine, instead of hitting the usual fast food outlets, book a table or even walk in to enjoy top quality authentic barbecue food in a local restaurant.

What if the Brits ventured into the barbecue food business with fixed premises? Would local health groups and fast food restaurant campaigners complain? The answer would be no. Wholesome cooked food such as that which is found at a barbecue is not only tasty, it is healthy and with a range of salad and assorted sides available a barbecue feast can be sure to provide all of the nutrients that everyone requires.

Should the idea catch on, would the food be too expensive? After all, meat doesn’t come cheap. The answer depends on the retailer to be honest. Good quality food does come at a price, however if a barbecue restaurant turned out to be as busy as I expect it would, then business owners would have the option to buy their ingredients in larger quantities which would work out cheaper.

Another aspect of having year-round barbecue restaurants on your doorstep would be the option for home delivered barbecue food. Scrap the calorie laden pizzas and fish and chips, and instead enjoy traditionally cooked meats, salads and a whole range of flavours and sauces. The takeaway market potential would be huge.

I can imagine a range of independents setting up local barbecue houses, cracking open the charcoal or firing up the gas grill and creating masterpieces based on their own secret family recipes. The local economy would of course benefit from the extra business and new jobs would be created. The question remains then, considering the huge benefits of setting up barbecue outlets like these, why people aren’t doing it?

If I had the time and money this is definitely something I would consider. The barbecue is much loved by many and of course the health benefits of introducing this type of food into our lives in lieu of the many unhealthier alternatives can only be a plus point. Perhaps the British economy is putting people off, perhaps Brits can’t quite see us all enjoying barbecue food in the winter; whatever the reason, an opportunity is being missed here. Hopefully someone remedies this soon.

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