Patio Barbecues

Patio barbecues are available to purchase in a multitude of varieties depending on the type of garden or outdoor space you have. You certainly don’t need to have a massive garden to make the most out of cooking al fresco.

If you’re looking for a permanent structure then the Landmann DIY barbecue is the one for you. It uses a brick framework so you won’t have to worry about tipsy guests knocking it over! Alternatively if you need something that’s easy to store and quick to get grilling on then the Landmann Tauras may be the better option. It benefits from a set of wheels and a slim profile so it’s still handy even if you have space restrictions to take into consideration.

  1. Landmann 0528 DIY Barbecue

    Best Seller!

    Landmann 0528 DIY Barbecue