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Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are the ultimate delight for any true admirer of cooking? Their own gorgeous wood or charcoal burning pizza oven. Use one to bake, grill, smoke and barbecue a huge variety of food from bread and fish to pizza and even the Sunday roast.

Outdoor ovens have been in existence since the dawn of civilisation. These days they are generally precision engineered from high quality, durable steel or brick built for that authentic ancient Roman appearance. They’re designed to last through years of outdoor use for that distinctive wood or charcoal barbecue taste time and time again.

  1. pizza-oven-accessory-pack

    Pizza Oven Accessory Pack

  2. La Hacienda Steel Multi-Function Pizza Garden Oven

    La Hacienda Pizza Oven, Barbecue and Smoker - 3 in 1


La Hacienda Pizza Oven, Barbecue and Smoker - 3 in 1


Having just completed a decking project at home, i was looking for a focal point to sit alongside the usual BBQ. The Pizza oven ticked all those boxes, and after reading the reviews on the website, i thought i'd give it a go. WOW, i'm so glad i did. The Pizza oven is very sturdy, and is a pleasure to cook with. Everyone who visits comments on the fact we have one, and its a great talking point. On to the actual cooking: its so easy to get going, i place a firelighter in the centre of the burning shelf, then place charcoal around creating a pyramid type of arrangement, and then light. Leave the grate slide fully slid open, and the chimney fully closed. Once alight after a few minutes, slipt the charcoal into two piles, one at each side add wood or smoker chips to flavour. Slide the grate to half open, and leave the chimney closed. This gets the temps up HIGH. On the first couple of tries we got the oven to near the 500c mark. Wowsers! Once the temp is up, use the grate slide and chimney vavle to get the temperature to around 250-300c then input Pizza and leave until desired cooking acheived. Have had 3 pizza parties now, and everyone loves the Pizza's. They genuine taste like Holiday Pizza's from abroad with the wood fired oven taste. So glad i made the purchase, and buying from BBQBarbecues was a complete pleasure. Highly recommend.

Ben Jones