Cooking Pizza on a Barbecue

For all of our readers that are regular visitors to our blog, you will by now know that we cover every aspect of the barbecue world, from cooking in the winter and arranging huge parties to tasty mouthwatering recipes and building a bbq; you name it we do it. The reason we cover so many different subjects is quite simple, we love barbecues.

Today we have decided to cover something a little different and tell you about a cooking process that has become very popular over the past few years; Pizza.

There are a few things to consider before you start throwing a pizza on your grill but if you get it right, you could easily discover something a little special and I guarantee that young and old alike will really enjoy it.

Can I Cook Pizza on my Barbecue?

Does you barbeque have a lid and a way of recording the temperature, such as a thermometer or a thermostat? If you have no lid then you can improvise by using a large roasting tin but you will get better results by having one.

Is your barbecue clean? This is so important as if it’s not clean, then it is likely to smoke the pizza so much that it will taste of it. Ensure that the grill or hot plate has no residues of previous cook outs.

Can your barbecue maintain temperatures of 220 degrees? As with all food, cooking it evenly will prevent it being ruined so regulating the temperature is very important.

How to Cook a Pizza

Pre-heat your barbecue to 200-220 degrees and prepare the pizzas remembering to keep the dough relatively thin; no more than one quarter inch thick. Add your toppings and keep them pretty even as this will help with the cooking process. (If you need a little inspiration then check out our barbecue pizza recipes)

If you are cooking on a grill or hot plate then lightly oil the surface. The dough will need to be given the freedom to move slightly and this will prevent sticking. If you are using a pizza stone then there is no need to oil it.

When cooking the pizza keep the lid closed but be sure to check it regularly. You can very easily burn the pizza if left unattended and the goal is to cook the pizza nice and evenly.

If you are using a lot of toppings, perhaps thick cut meat or veggies, you may want to grill them slightly first before adding to the pizza as the last thing you want is a burnt pizza base and cheese and toppings that are nowhere near done.

The beauty of pizza is that the options are endless and you can cater for your guests no matter what their eating habits are.


Top Tips:

Buy a pizza baking stone. Pizza baking stones  have been used for years and help cook the pizza evenly and give the base a crispy edge to it.

Use a pizza oven for a delicious authentic taste.

Check out this video of the BBQ Pit Boys cooking a pizza on the grill